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The multi-award winning Space Grill

Space Grill won the 2018 title of Best Outdoor Gas BBQ.

In 2016 Space Grill won the award for Best in Category.

In 2017 Space Grill won the Best Buy award in it's category.

Space Grill won first place at the 11th Annual International Design Awards.

Australia's favourite fold away BBQ

We revolutionised the market with the world’s first full size space-saving fold away BBQ. Both Space Grill models are large enough to easily entertain family and friends and are simple to clean with the patented removable drip tray. When finished BBQ’ing you simply fold away the Space Grill to maximise your outdoor space.

Finally, a BBQ that doesn’t get in the way

Space Grill's innovative design allows you to make the most of your outdoor setting. With it's compact function it saves ample space, while also having a sleek design that can be easily folded down and away when not in use. Large and unsightly barbeque's that take up unnecessary room are a thing of the past.

Chef grade stainless steel

Space Grill is made from 304 grade stainless steel which is perfect for an outdoor environment.

Multi-award winning design

Space Grill has won several awards in recent years. We continue to improve our unique design and features

Made to mount anywhere

The light weight design of the Space Grill allows it to be mounted where other BBQ/Grills cannot be fitted, including any stand, wall, or other free-standing sturdy structure, even handrails. A Portable Stand is ideal for renters, Space Grill easily clips onto the lightweight stand using the original bracket.
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