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What is the Space Grill?

Amazing, that’s what it is! And the first of its kind.

Space Grill is a full-sized, 3-burner grill that folds away when it’s not needed.

A patented internal drip system seals the unit, ensuring that any runoff lands in the drip tray.

In addition, the Space Grill is a high-quality stainless steel product that’s incredibly easy to clean after every use.

How long does shipping take?

We ship orders in 1-2 business days, arriving up to 5 business days after we ship.

What features does it include?

Made from high grade Stainless Steel, the Space Grill will be durable in all outdoor areas

Gas connection via house main or a LPG bottle

Storage cover functions as a splash back and heat shield when in use

Fold out for use or fold away in 10 seconds

Drip tray is easily removed for fat disposal and cleaning

Patented design

What are the benefits of the Space Grill over traditional bbqs?

The Space Grill suits almost every living arrangement as it can be tucked away when the kids are playing, yet easily set up for entertaining.

This makes it a great, family-friendly option for any home, especially those with smaller spaces that don’t have the room for a full-sized grill AND play equipment for kids.

Whenever you want to entertain, you just bring out your Space Grill, a cooler, and your favorite music.

Suddenly, your small play area for your children is a beautiful entertainment area that any number of friends can enjoy – all thanks to the Space Grill!

Does the Space Grill meet safety standards?

Absolutely. The Space Grill has undergone extensive testing and in use emits very little heat transfer through the back of the unit.

The sides are double skinned to further reduce heat transfer. When in use, the storage cover inserts down behind the unit deflecting heat away from the mounting surface.

The unit is certified for UK, EU, USA and Australian markets.

Where can I mount the Space Grill?

Practically anywhere! The Space Grill is only 35kg, so it can be mounted in most areas that grills cannot usually be mounted, such as handrails! Any stand, wall, or other free-standing sturdy structure will also do.

Will the cooking fats go down the back wall?

A lip across the back edge of the Space Grill prevents fats going over the back and down the wall. All fats are directed to the underside tray. When the BBQ is closed all plate and underside tray fats drain into the front, pivoting drip tray. This can be easily removed for fat disposal and cleaning.

What gas's can I use?

We offer Natural Gas and LPG bottle variants. Choose either one to suit your needs.

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